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Tulbaghia violacea 'Silver Lace'

Variegated Society Garlic

Plant Description

30cm Var Society Garlic .

full sun
part shade
Height: 0.25m - 0.25m
Spread: 0.3m - 0.3m
Pot Sizes: 140mm Pots
Habit: Perennial
Flowering Information: Lilac pink Dainty, similar to minature agapanthus fls
Flowering Seasons: Summer Autumn Spring
Foliage Description: Fine stap-like variegated.
PBR/Agent: PMA - Silver Lace Information
Health Warning:

Silver Lace has narrow, strap-like leaves that are blue-grey with cream stripe. ound 30cm in height.

During spring and summer slender stems rising to around 60cm bear loose umbels of dainty lilac-pink flowers which resemble miniature agapanthus flowers. In milder climates spot flowering will continue on through winter.

Native to South Africa this hardy plant is drought tolerant with the ability to recede into its perennial bulbs during times of prolonged dryness re-emerging when conditions become more favourable.

'Silver Lace' emits a garlic odour which serves as a useful pest repellent beneath roses or as a companion plant in vegetable or herb gardens.

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