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Nandina 'Magical Daybreak'

Sacred Bamboo

Plant Description

50x50cm, copper new fol

full sun
part shade
Height: 0.5m - 0.5m
Spread: 0.5m - 0.5m
Pot Sizes: 175mm Pots
Habit: Small Shrub
Flowering Information: white
Flowering Seasons: Summer
Foliage Description: fresh green foliage with copper toned new growth.
PBR/Agent: PMA - Magical Daybreak Information
Health Warning:

An easy, low maintenance variety with fresh green foliage. The new growth emerges in shades of copper before fading to green with age. Summer sees white flowers that sit above the foliage adding further interest. It is a compact grower that requires no pruning.

Ideal plant for contrasting against dark foliage. Grows well in containers and makes a great informal hedge.

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