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Mandevilla 'Sun Parasol Classic Crimson Fantasy'-Colourwave


Plant Description

Dark shiny leaves, crimson fls.

full sun
part shade
Height: 0m - 0m
Spread: 0m - 0m
Pot Sizes:
Habit: Climber
Flowering Information: Brilliant red with yellow centre trumpet
Flowering Seasons: Summer Autumn
Foliage Description: glossy green leaves
PBR/Agent: Colourwave
Health Warning: CAUTION: Harmful if eaten

The 'Classic' variety of Mandevilla is a shrubby climber. It produces big, gorgeous red flowers prolifically during the warmer months. Moderate watering required. Plant in afrost free site. Ideal for growing on a trellis against fences, carports or verandah balustrades. Also suitable for planting in big containers.

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