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Hibiscus 'Summerific Midnight Marvel'

Plant Description

Decid.1mx80cm,lge red flowers

full sun
part shade
Height: 1m - 1m
Spread: 0.8m - 0.8m
Pot Sizes:
Habit: Small Shrub
Flowering Information: Blood red large open flowers
Flowering Seasons: Summer Autumn Spring
Foliage Description: green to purple foliage
PBR/Agent: AW - Midnight Marvel Information
Health Warning:

A hardy, deciduous plant to 1m that is fast growing. It forms a large bushy clump with dark burgundy new foliage. Large deep red flowers are produced during the warmer months. Keep soil moist.

Cut back and clean up at the end of winter and fertilise generously. Mulch well.

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