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back | Category: Ground Covers and Climbers

Hardenbergia Meema TM 'HB1'

Native Wisteria

Plant Description

GC/climber to 2m, purple pea fls.

full sun
part shade
Height: 0.35m - 0.5m
Spread: 2m - 2m
Pot Sizes:
Habit: Ground Cover
Flowering Information: Purple Pea shaped
Flowering Seasons: Winter Spring
Foliage Description: Bushy green foliage
PBR/Agent: OZ - Meema Information
Health Warning:

A fast growing bushy ground cover that produces masses of purple pea shaped flowers during Winter and Spring. Meema has the ability to climb when given an opportunity to do so, and makes a great feature plant for gardens and landscapes because of its beautiful winter colour.

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