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Convolvulus cneorum 'Silvery Moon'

Silver Bush

Plant Description

40x60cm, silver fol, white fls Sum

full sun
part shade
Height: 0.4m - 0.4m
Spread: 0.6m - 0.6m
Pot Sizes:
Habit: Small Shrub
Flowering Information: white funnel
Flowering Seasons: Summer Spring
Foliage Description: silky silver foliage
PBR/Agent: PGA - Silvery Moon Information
Health Warning:

Silvery Moon is a very compact, multi-branching plant with smaller silvery leaves. It has an abundance of white funnel flowers with yellow eyes from late Sept to November. This plant is very hardy, drought and coastal tolerant. It responds well to pruning and can be kept in a neat ball shape.

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