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Agapanthus Sugar Plum TM AMPU001

African Lily

Plant Description

40x50cm, striking purple fls

full sun
part shade
Height: 0.5m - 0.5m
Spread: 0.5m - 0.5m
Pot Sizes: 175mm Pots
Habit: Perennial
Flowering Information: purple large heads
Flowering Seasons: Summer Spring
Foliage Description: glossy green strap like foliage
PBR/Agent: OZ - Sugar Plum Information
Health Warning: CAUTION: Harmful if eaten/skin & eye irritant

A compact Agapanthus with repeat flowers of striking purple flower heads throughout the year, with a main display from October to November.

Sugar Plum has good disease resistance and is drought and frost tolerant.

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