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Trachelospermum asiaticum Flat Mat TM 'FT01'

Star Jasmine

Plant Description

30cmx2m, GC, white fls summer

full sun
part shade
Height: 0.3m - 0.4m
Spread: 1m - 2m
Pot Sizes: 140mm Pots, 175mm Pots
Habit: Ground Cover
Flowering Information: White Star
Flowering Seasons: Summer
Foliage Description: Bright green foliage
PBR/Agent: OZ - Flat Mat Information
Health Warning:

Flat Mat TM Trachelospermum is a lower growing form of Japanese Star Jasmine that creates a groundcover more quickly than the original form. When supported on a trellis it makes a flatter climber. Can be grown in gardens beds or containers. It has small white star shaped flowers in clusters over the Summer and early Autumn.

Uses - Groundcover or Climber for fences,walls, pergolas or arches

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