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Hellebores the Classic Winter Plant

July 2024

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If you are looking for a bit of class this winter in your garden then you can't go past the elegance of the hellebore with its distinctive deep green foliage and nodding blooms which come in a variety of colours.

Sitting in the in Ranunculaceae family this perennial with a genus of over 20 species has its origin based from parts of Europe. They are therefore an ideal choice for Mediterranean climates and here in Western Australia they grow best where they receive plenty of shade and protection from the summer sun.

Planting under deciduous trees is often the perfect spot as they can benefit from the extra winter light once leaves from above have dropped. However a number of varieties can also be grown in containers and even indoors for short periods.

Hellebores are commonly known as the Winter Rose, Lenten Rose, Oracle Rose where as in the Northern Hemisphere when they flower in December, the Christmas Rose.

Anna's Red

'Anna's Red' is an absolute breakthrough variety with outstanding performance. Stunning red to burgundy flowers appear from early winter through until early spring each year. The flower stems grow through the foliage to make a dramatic impact above the lush dark green, tough leathery foliage. This will be a talking point in your winter garden. Performs well in either a decorative container or gardens large and small. Enjoy indoors, either as cut flowers in a vase or as a potted plant for up to 3 weeks before planting in the garden.

  • One of the darkest crimson flowers available
  • Stunning garden and cut flower variety - Indoors for a moment, outdoors for a lifetime
  • Easy care and low maintenance
Hellebore Annas Red

View Hellebore 'Anna's Red'

Molly's White

With delightful cup-shaped white blooms adorning throughout winter and early spring, 'Molly's White' is destined to become an essential addition to any semi-shaded border or container. Beautiful green flushing and a dusky pink reverse to each petal make 'Molly's White' a simple yet opulent statement plant that would be an unbeatable indoor specimen for up to three weeks during it's extended flowering time. Upon planting outdoors it is a valuable, easy-care evergreen that will continue to delight well after the last blooms fade.

  • Stylish white petals with a touch of pink
  • Months of winter flower
  • Indoor container display
Hellebore Mollys white

View Hellebore 'Molly's White'


Vigorous evergreen perennial with a tidy growth habit, 'Tutu' is famed for its elegant semi-double pink-purple blooms with delicate ruffled centres. Thriving in shady nooks, 'Tutu' is the perfect solution to giving a once-neglected area a dramatic and graceful facelift - bringing style and panache to your garden. 'Tutu' can for kept for three weeks indoors in a well-lit room before being planted out into a container or garden bed.

  • Elegant semi-double blushed pink winter flowers
  • Months of winter flower
  • Indoor container display
Hellebore Tutu

View Hellebore 'Tutu'

Penny's Pink

For those seeking a classic, elegant look 'Penny's Pink' is ideal. This beautiful hellebore has certainly earned its reputation as a highly sought-after addition to the winter garden. It's beautiful dark burgundy flowers are a unique dome shape, and adorn the plant right throughout winter and early spring. It is quite simply a stunning variety.

  • Dark burgundy flowers
  • Early to flower with stunning winter colour
  • Long-flowering period in the garden and as a cut flower
Hellebore Tutu

View Hellebore 'Penny's Pink'

Vibey Velvet

Experience the sheer delight of winter's beauty with Hellebore 'Vibey Velvet'. This extraordinary plant captivates with its upright, large, cupped flowers that gracefully bloom from winter through early spring. The floriferous displays of magenta-red flowers held above the exquisite marbled foliage are truly a sight to behold. With its compact, rounded habit and strong floral presence, 'Vibey Velvet' will add a touch of grace and beauty to any garden, ensuring a captivating display throughout the seasons. Enjoy 'Vibey Velvet' indoors as a cut flower or as a pot plant for up to 3 weeks before planting it out into the garden.

  • Masses of upright blooms that sit above the foliage
  • Flowers are a rich magenta-red
  • Compact, neat and evergreen shrub
Hellebore vibey velvet

View Hellebore 'Vibey Velvet'

Sophie's Delight

For lovers of the beautiful winter-flowering Helleborus, 'Sophie’s Delight' cannot fail to impress. Proudly held well above its handsome foliage, predominantly white blooms are deliciously edged and backed with deep mulberry - a colour combination that is both simple and elegant. 'Sophie’s Delight' is quite happy indoors for up to three weeks, after which it will be a valuable evergreen addition to a semi-shaded border or container.

  • Nodding white and mulberry winter flowers
  • Months of winter flower
  • Indoor container display
Hellebore Sophies delight

View Hellebore 'Sophie's Delight'

Hannah's Blush

'Hannah's Blush' is a stunning new addition to the Indoors for a moment, outdoors for a lifetime collection. Enjoy 'Hannah's Blush' inside for up to three weeks, before planting in a shade loving location in the garden. With outstanding flower power and performance, 'Hannah's Blush' will reward you year after year.

  • Nodding mid-pink winter flowers
  • Months of winter flower
  • Indoor container display
Hellebore Hannahs blush

View Hellebore 'Hannah's Blush'

Information & Images courtesy of Plants Management Australia

If you would like any further information on any of the plants listed above please visit our website or if you would like to purchase any of these please visit or contact your local Garden Centre or Hardware store. The above plants will be available from December 2023 pending supply and weather conditions.

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